Thursday, December 5, 2013

Phase Seven

If you click on the link above, you will understand. 

There are seven machines in that pile; waiting for a ride to the scrap yard, via our local transfer station.  The Singer 15-91 carcass in front actually ended up back in the shop. I had been hauling these machines out all day.  I would strip off  the stuff I thought was useful and walk past Steven (he was working on our "new" cabinets)  proudly proving that I can cull and sort.  That 15-91 was given to me as a parts machine and I have scammed the motor and the set screw for the clutch knob.  I did not realize that the decals were so good.  I stripped it down and fretted the whole time I was doing it. I took it to the pile, none the less.  But then....with the last machine I caved.  There  are two doors to the shop.  I carried the 15 back in through the back door.  Steven  has no idea.

Two cabinets are in the Jetta on their way to Salvation Army.  Two more are in the barn awaiting listing on Free Cycle.

 I moved the 401 cabinet up to the loft.  Goodness knows where I will put it.  But I cannot dump it.  I also have two 99 cabinets that are uncommon.  I know I will never use them but I cannot get rid of them, either.

We moved a Singer 66 Red Head treadle from a guest room to the shop.  It is for sale.  Seventy five dollars.  

 I moved Winnie, the Singer 27 VS treadle to that same guest room.  I refinished the cabinet and love that machine.  Gotta keep it.  The decals are not pristine but the hand wheel is spectacular.  Steven mad the new pitman.  I have hours in this machine.  I don't care.  I love it.

 I will move the  Davis VF to Winnie's spot in the shop (it is a bit of an encroachment on Steven's space but hey, possession is 9/10 the law!)

And I have added a few more machines to that pile.  There may be a total of 10.

"Scrap is $170 a ton, honey.  Maybe you should just pile them in the back of the barn until I have another load to haul to the scrap yard."

"OK, that means that a pound is worth 8 and a half cents.  Do we really want to keep these around until you get a load?  When will that be, spring?  I thought the idea was to clean some of this stuff out?"

"Well, how much does one weigh?"

"Twenty two pounds"  Yes, we have a scale in the shop.  Don't ask.

"Oh, I guess it isn't worth it."

"Nope,  I am ready to scrap these and happy to donate the buck eighty seven per machine. "

  It is highly unlikely that I will reach Phase 9.  Perhaps, just in case, I should hang onto the Viking.


  1. Oh man, that treadle cabinet for sale looks great. I still have the cabinet I bought in pieces and with the weather, I don't know how I am going to refinish it. I want to put the 237 in it, but can I get it done? The legs were easy and quick to redo, but the cabinet, ugh. Love that cabinet, looks ready to pedal. I understand, but hate seeing sewing machine carcasses, especially ones not rusted out. I have great joy in sewing with the 201 that I could not get with plastic. I know. Like your rearranging.

    1. I hate seeing machine carcasses too. Rusted or not. The ones I ditched are in terrible shape. You just can't tell by the photo. Plus, I have had them for three years and know I will never get to them. I am doing my family a favor by ditching them now. HAH!

  2. Hear! Hear! As hard as it is to ditch some of the rusted out machines believe me I know first hand how you are helping out your family. My paternal grandparents died within a week of each other.... Grampa on Sunday, Gramma had a stroke on way to his funeral... died next day. They had 2 house, 2 businesses and she saved a lot of stuff! We found savings bonds stashed in the water heater padding (remember those?). Mom found a 3 carat diamond with the setting in a flower seed package in the file cabinet. Money in books etc... a bank pass book was also found in a book (1 we had donated to Good Will.... luckily they tracked us down! ) it had $5000 in the account. And it went on and on.... for 5 years b/4 they could close the estate. So, needless to say my folks (my dad was the one who inherited) have weeded out a lot of their things so my brother and I don't have to go thru the same thing. Unless people are willing to pay for the shipping/and your time/or come to your home and pick things up... seems to me they have no room to gripe! Hang in there. I can imagine your getting all kinds of extra room.

  3. Good decisions all around, including the last-minute rescue of the 15. Great price on the Red Head, I would buy it if we were closer. Not that I need one, but they are beautiful. It was the first one I restored, a family machine, and my daughter has it now.

    I love your blog and would comment more often but it is no fun from my tablet, and I'm not on the "real" computer that much any more. But I read and enjoy each post.
    Cheryl Warren

  4. If I lived close, I'd be in the car on my way to pick up that treadle. I have one, but this one is in so much nicer shape, both cabinet and machine. I don't suppose you have a 66 slide plate to sell? Do you have people nearby who make yard art or found object art? Maybe they'd be interested in supplies, much to the horror of some collectors - those in stages 2-4 in particular.

    I too have many "projects" that I don't think I'll ever get to, and books and fabric, and......

  5. I've never come across a 3/4 cabinet. I'd love to find one. You could use the old heads in the garden for decorations.

    1. The 3/4 cabinet looks just like the regular cabinet but with a smaller cut out. I could use the old heads in the garden. By August they would disappear under the weeds. In November they would look all scraggly and scarey. Nope. I think they go to the tip.

  6. "There are two doors to the shop. I carried the 15 back in through the back door."

    LOL! I would have saved that one, too - the decals are gorgeous.

    (New reader - I'm refurbing my first Singer 66 and have found your blog invaluable.)