Saturday, December 28, 2013


Someone gave this machine to Betsy.  While she was working on a clamshell Kenmore, I started working on cleaning this up.  It stunk of MOLD.  Despite the fact that it had been in a basement fo "35 years" or so Betsy was told, it still turned and after only a few drops of TriFlow, ran pretty well.

I violated a cardinal law, though.  I plugged it in and tried it out without checking the wiring.  

We were lucky.

Look OK here:
I took the motor and light off so that I could clean the machine body.  I could see the mold behind the motor. When I did that, I discovered:
I have tons of experience re-wiring potted motors.  These external motors might be different.   I have a new motor that will fit.  I would like to preserve the original motor, if I can. 

The light, is a different story.  It comes apart quite easily.

The problem:
I think it is probable that the insulation will crumble.  I will need to slip some heat shrink over the replacement wire and perhaps not heat shrink it.  Too much danger of damaging the bake light plastic.

I have to work within the fixture because I don't see how I can get these connectors out.
Of course the other option is to ditch all of the electrical parts and just pop it into a treadle stand and call it good.

Which seems like a terrific idea, come to think of it.


  1. Just picked up a similar Neechi... not BF but looks the same on the outer levers etc... the motor has been taken care of though.
    Just love the looks of how sturdy it is... lovely straight, strong machine... of course it weights a ton!!!
    Jean C.

  2. Dropping it in a treadle stand may be a great idea. Just know that Necchi hinge pins are narrower than Singers, so if you want it on the pins you will need to drill the holes in the machine base slightly larger.
    There is an Italian-made Necchi Yahoo group with tons of info.