Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Is that wrong of me?

Sunday I was in the shop.  We had incredibly warm weather.  I was working to put the Little Treadle back together so that I would have room when my neighbor brought her machines over for me to check out.   She had just called and I had an hour to get ready.  No sweat.

Then the phone rang again.  I wondered if it was her.  Nope.  I recognized the number.  Steven's cell.
Well, I thought as I picked up, he could have at least said good bye when he left!

"Hi"  (me)

"Can you come help me?  I dropped a sewing machine on my toe." him

"Really?" (me, INCONCEIVABLE)

"Yes" (him)

So I rushed into the house.  Part of me was thinking "This is a joke."  The other part of me was thinking "WTF was he doing messing with my machines in the house?"  and trying to imagine wha he had been doing to drop a machine on his toe.

Well, sure enough, he had an injury.  I don't do trauma, just so you know.  True, I am a Registered Professional Nurse and I did take an EMT course some 40 odd years ago.  For the last 22 years, though, I have been a Women's Health clinician.  You figure it out.

His big toe was bleeding and it looked pretty gross.  It doesn't help that the toenail was too long and the injury occurred right next to the nail

"I think I will lose the nail" (him)

"What happened?" (me as I tried to find the appropriate first aid gear, all the while thinking, I don't have time for this)

"I was puttering around in the barn.  I was just trying to move the Vermont Cart a little bit so that I could get at the trash cans behind it.  The sewing machines were piled up in it and one fell out and landed on my toe."

OK I admit.  I thought it was pretty stupid of him to try to move the VC with the machines piled so precariously.  But I couldn't really say that, now could I?  I mean I am his WIFE for heaven's sake and I am supposed to by SYMPATHETIC and he might lose a toenail (gag).  Oh and did I mention I am a NURSE?

"Oh poor you." ( I really am trying here.) 

I cleaned up the wound with some lavender castile soap.  It has anti bacterial properties.  The chlorhexidine gluconate I keep around for just such events was out dated (2002).  The bleeding had stopped and we concluded that an ER visit would be fruitless.  We left it undressed and there was no need for steri strips. I cut out an old sock and an old shoe so that his toe would be exposed (gag) but protected.

By now the hour had passed and our neighbor was due any minute.

"Are you ok, now honey?" I queried.  There was really nothing more for me to do
"Yes. Thank you." as he hobbled to the sofa to lie down and nap.  Frannie joined him and the boys curled up on the other sofa. 

I left the lot of them to their own devices and headed back to the shop.  On my way I stopped off at the barn to see which one landed on his toe.  I should have known.

It was a Red Head.


  1. So he dropped a trashed machine on his foot and not a good one?

    I often suspected most medical training went out the window when it was someone close who had the injury. Sounds like he'll be close to home and in need of constant supervision for awhile. I don't think I'd bring up the topic of sewing machines any time soon.

    Good luck with your patient, it could've been a valuable machine.

    1. Oh he is fully recovered. It wasn't that bad after all........

  2. At least his phone was handy so he could call you. I had to have a red head because I'm a red head - LOL! Glad he is better!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Well if it is anything as heavy as my Neechi... he's lucky he has a toe left!
    Poor guy... tell him your readers feel sorry for him... maybe that will take
    some of the soreness outta his toe! Lol... really tho... I do feel bad for him.
    Sounds like he was just trying to help.

    1. Just to reassure everyone, the toe is completely healed and he was back to wearing a normal shoe within 12 hours. Just a glancing blow, apparently