Friday, December 6, 2013

Organize Organize Organize

I have two more machines to strip and add to the pile in the barn.  That is first on the agenda for tomorrow as I clean other parts using the ultrasonic cleaner.  The shop has been transformed.  Surprisingly my back is holding up quite well.  I have moved machines all day long today and yesterday.  I am SICK OF IT.

I could show you before pictures, but I am so bored with this whole project.  The shop is in better shape now. I have more to do.  BUT  tomorrow I will work on the Montgomery Ward machine.  Let's get back to meching on machines instead of this whole shop transformation crap. Honestly. 

I bought 48 inch wide shelves.  The 36 inch wide shelves were out of stock. 

"I need them today.  I will take those."  I truly thought that I had enough room along the end wall for a 48 inch shelf.

"Honey, look, do you think this will be a problem?"  I asked the DH about the overhang of the shelves into the door opening.


So I had to make room along the OTHER wall for the 48 inch shelf and move the 36 inch shelf to the end wall.  I also had to move a White Treadle stand, the three machines sitting on top of it and some other hidden treasures to make enough room.  I am amazed that there is no more room on the shelves.  I thought I would have an abundance of left over shelf space.  Not so.
Check out all of that empty wall space.  That 301 cradle will be re-homed. I don't need it.  It had been hidden behind machines that were piled on top of stands. Yup, I forgot all about it

I know that the bench still looks messy.  I had had enough by this time.  At least there is only one machine on the bench.  

Look where I put the cobbler machine.  It is one heavy sucker.   You should have seen me using my chest to heave it up to its position on that little white book shelf.    Good thing I don't have implants.

Folks, what is it about these machines that make us do this ridiculous stuff?   I handled almost every machine in this shop at least twice over the past three days.  How crazy is that?

You may ask what I intend to do with all that wall space.  That, my friends is a secret. 


  1. It looks GREAT! You deserve some rest!

    1. Yes I do and for me, rest is working on a machine!!!!

  2. Ok, I see all the machines organized, but how are you organizing all those parts and pieces? Do you have a system of labeling? I just have a tiny amount of parts and wonder how to organize them so I know what they are and can find them. No more hauling for a while ok, you are making me nervous. I cringe thinking of you moving that cobbler machine up there.

  3. Yes! Looking forward to you doing more "meching!!!!!" I'm organizing right now too (not at your pace) and sick of it - think I'll go tune up a machine - hope you will too.

  4. Nice price on the 221! I too have way too many also. BTW, do you happen to have an extra case for the travel case for 221?

    1. I don't have any extra cases. Sorry. Glenn Williams sells them. Look for his site in Resources at the top of the page. Good luck!