Monday, June 12, 2017

Spark of Joy

We had a cool spring with lots of rain. The lilacs loved it.

It is so beautiful here in the summer.  I simply love this place.  So, yes, I am somewhat sad to leave.  It is time.

A few weeks ago I read a NY Times article about Marie Kondo. I think I will read her book.  The question: should I buy an e-book or the real thing?  The real thing (paper book, hardcover or not) will add to my stuff.  I could, pass it along, spreading her wisdom. Dilemma.

I applied what I learned from that article as I sorted through my clothes.  Ms Kondo recommends handling each possession, evaluating for the "spark of joy" and if absent, thanking the object before disposal. I was all about disposal. I handled each object, found no spark and tossed the item.  No gratitude for its service from me. I ditched two thirds of my clothes. I even discarded those "Oh but it  might fit someday again!" jeans, skirts, shirts, pants. 

Let's see what happens when I go to the Sewing Machine Repair Shop where most of my machines now reside.  I think I will find too much joy out there.  Shoot.

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  1. Lovely photos. Hope you are feeling strong and well. Why is it clothes don't give me any joy, but fabric speaks volumes. All I have to do is look at my machines and dust them and I feel lighter.