Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More Lilacs

Our house was built around one hundred years ago.  I am certain that no one has refinished the woodwork in all that time.  Until now.  This is the only window that opens in the house. The cord that was connected to the sash weights on the other four had rotted or been cut. I do know how to replace that cord (AMHIK) but we decided that we had enough ventilation with the screened front door, this window, and the three kitchen windows.  So we sealed the other four with caulk when we moved in nineteen years ago.   Oil wasn't cheap then and it isn't cheap now.  The large plate glass affords lots of light and lots of heat loss.  Even so, I will miss these windows.  


  1. Your windows and your views are priceless. I know you appreciate them.

  2. We bought our house for the trees. There are about seven japanese maples in the front yard, some birch, and then the old rhodys and the big evergreens in the back. Which means it's dark in here. It's a Craftsman, with the original fir (read: dark) woodwork. It's a cave. We did put big storm windows over the larger windows like yours (also fixable but same result). And I do wonder why the hell we didn't put in new windows with doubleglazing and then I see what little view of the yard I have left (through those rhodys) and think: this.
    This is a house about looking OUT. I see a little, I need to go outside and see more. And even in the winter, that's pretty sweet stuff.
    I hope your new view has its own sweet charms for you. Thinking the good stuff your way.