Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our new backyard

We went for a walk Saturday in the 'hood.  Our new home is actually in a sweet village not far from the edge of town. Reportedly we will have bears, deer, and turkey in our yard this fall.  Wonder what the dogs will do? 

Oh and tucked away on Main Street, there is a Sewing Machine Repair Shop.  I haven't yet checked it out.  Someday, next time we go.

We have another ten months or so here.  I am still employed and we must sell our home here.  Then we will be on our way. 

In a week or so I will head out to the Shop and cull and sort the remaining stash.  I have a lovely 15-91 in need of a motor rewire.  I would love to dig into that.  Much needed therapy.  I think I will transport that one to our new place and sell it there.  There is a paucity of good Singers in the new neck of the woods. 


  1. Looks very lovely and inspirational. The 15-91 is worth rewiring. It is my workhorse for tote bags and bindings. It is the one you rewired.

  2. It is absolutely worth re-wiring and packing to take with us to release into the sewing machine wilds