Sunday, May 1, 2016


I admit it.  I am worried.  Fortunately when I am piecing a quilt or working on the Nolting, I can't worry because I have to concentrate.  Piecing is much more relaxing and relatively stress free compared to quilting on the long arm.  Piecing is repetitive.  Quilting requires thought.  Design decisions must be made carefully.

I knew that I wanted to quilt feathers in the white spaces.  I did sketch them out with chalk first then I used the Mark B Gone blue marker that disappears when spritzed.  I did better with the chalk but didn't want that getting in the hook so I switched.  I ended up ripping some stitches out and starting over with the last triangle.

I prefer free hand work over ruler work.  Unfortunately all I could see was ruler work on the blocks.  I want the blocks to stand alone and not be overwhelmed with quilting.  Technically I was not aiming to SID but on some of the seams, that is exactly where I ended up.  This block is strange.  Though the background fabric is the same as the block next to it, the hue is darker.   I don't know why.  I hope it will blend once the quilt is done.  Sigh.

 I have to admit that I am pretty happy with this result.  The triangles do stand out, better seen in reality. I figure that maybe I can sneak a smallish feather in above it.  My inclination is to leave it alone.  Or I could quilt in some triangles.
 I think that I can manage to connect the feathers all the way through the quilt.  I wasn't sure at first. 
 The feather at the end of this row is wonky, that's for sure.  Better a wonky feather than boring stippling, I guess.  Plus, how else will I get better if I don't practice?
We'll see how the rest of it quilts up.  Good for me, I am forging ahead.  Oh, and don't worry about me.  My concerns are all out of my control since I don't have millions of dollars to buy an election. 


  1. How about an echo line around the feathers? It is supposed to have some wonk- you are not a CAD Cam machine.

    1. Good idea. I had been thinking about that too. But sometimes, less is more.

  2. But echoing reinforces the design already there and adds definition to the quilt. I have a Craftsy class with Christina Camelli (Wild Quilting) and she shows how echoing helps whatever design that was stitched and adds more visual texture/interest. Sor are really not adding anything new, but expanding it. Sort of like making a typeface bold.

  3. I work in the summer at a football related business, and many of our customers who still call are very animated about politics. And my motto at work has always been "I want a solution, not an argument".

    So I am ready. When asked how I am playing my card, I will say "I am voting for football" because I really don't want an argument with another old white guy. I already have one to argue with at home.

  4. I am worried, too. Thank goodness we have fabric, machines and stitching to help distract us from the worry!

  5. I like echoing and often wish I had done more on quilts I deemed done. And for all of us who can be distracted away from our worries just remember to vote.

  6. I'm worried too Elizabeth and I am Australian. Love your quilt, quilting, political commentary and all your excellent vsm diagrams and tips.