Saturday, April 30, 2016


with a 3-5 mph west southwest wind.  A great day for a bike ride.  I was not over dressed for the weather which means that I would have appreciated one more layer.  Once I put my hat on under my helmet I was happier.

We didn't quite make 19 miles but that's OK.  I am woefully out of shape.  No excuses. 

We didn't head out to ride until after lunch.  I had time to start quilting the Block of the Month Quilt (BOMQ) I am getting better with my SID technique.  I find that if I relax, keep my eyes focused on where I am going, instead of watching the needle, I do better.

I wanted a design that would not detract from the bright border.  Piano Keys would work.  I didn't relish ruler work, though.    Using my Westalee echo guide I quilted straight lines free hand. 

Now I am at Design Decision.  I know that I want to quilt feathers in the "negative" space between the blocks.  I just am not so sure about what to do about the triangles.  Feathers, probably.  And what to do with each block?  It isn't so easy custom quilting but I did NOT want to just meander meaninglessly across this quilt.  I think I will just pebble around the Rose Wreath.  That's about all I know for now. 


  1. Cool Attachment. Where did you get it? Thanks for not meandering. Paisleys that interlock and grow would look nice and don't have to be all the same size. One teardrop inside and then a paisley loop around. Small spirals and bearclaws look good too as they can move around and not be lined up or all the same size. Feathers up the triangle sides would look nice. The middle zig zag could be combination fillers.
    Love the quilt, the colors!


      Shipping was very reasonable.