Sunday, April 10, 2016

Close Enough

   The pattern calls for a 2 inch border in the same fabric as the setting triangles and the background block fabric.  I used a very nice batik but I did not have enough for the border. 
No way was I going to buy more fabric.  I have too much as it is.  I found a bit of another, similar batik and went with it.
 Close enough.

I just don't know what is next, border wise.  I think that the flowery fabric will go next, in a 1 inch border.  Followed by another 1 inch border of the dark green and topped off with a 4 inch border of the flowery stuff again.  It isn't a huge quilt; barely a full.  Should be a fun one to quilt.


  1. Pretty amazing piecing there! Lots of hard points. Love the colors of the blocks. You might want to think of a thin dark (dark blue, dark green) flange before you add the flowery border. It will define the edge before the border and focus more attention on the blocks. After all the touch blocks, a flange is a piece of cake. Quilting will make the blocks really come alive! Can't wait to see what you will do!

    1. Yes, I agree. I wish I had enough of the red. I do have enough of the blue and the green. Wednesday may provide me enough time to test it out.