Thursday, May 26, 2016


I love this article about freehand quilting.!Humanized-Quilting/c1kw6/5532c2950cf2251855a75ae1

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  1. Yes, an excellent point that applies to most artistic endeavors. When they are too perfect, they can become stiff and artificial... inhuman. During a career in design and decoration I always had a difficult time convincing clients that everything shouldn't match, the colors shouldn't be too coordinate, and that a touch of disorder was needed to keep a space warm and inviting. When I was very young - as hard as it is to believe now that I was once young - I was told a story about a decorator (with a thick eastern european accent) responding to her customer's complaint that "things didn't match", "Dahling, dis year ve're not matching, ve're BLENDING." Thanks for sharing. Ben