Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Eight Bucks a yard or less

I have a lifetime supply of fabric.  My local quilt store The Quilt Zoo sells all of their fabric for 8 bucks or less a yard.  They even have some 2 dollar per yard fabric.  I am tempted.  I resisted that temptation today.  That's not to say that I spent no money there.  I did.  I bought a rotating cutting mat and a template called The Learning Curve.  I have a scrappy quilt in progress, you know.  I will find some solids there for the sashing or the setting blocks if I decide to set the blocks on point.

First thing this morning I was up and on the Nolting for thirty minutes.  Just enough time to quilt the border and do some SID.  More feather work and ruler work later in the day. My reward for having given Wrigley (whom Mom has renamed Willoughby) a hair cut.

I am feeling more fluid with these feathers.  Still having issues connecting where I leave off.  Maybe it's wonky, but it's my wonky and I am not unhappy with the results.  There are some stitches that I will take out.  Some of the feathers look like a whale.  I might just call this quilt, Moby Dick.

I don't think we learn as much when we are ripping out stitches.  I truly believe the best policy is to keep going.  Log in those hours.  Practice is key.  Over and over and over again.


  1. Hope you had a whale of a time. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Just keep going. The only time I rip out is if the bottom tension goes south in a big way. I took my last quilt to the guild meeting and yakked about how awful the stitching was. People came up to me and said I was miles away from when I started with the longarm. Guess I will just keep going. I cannot resist fabric. Won't buy clothes, but fabric, watch out. I took my 4 yr old granddaughter to Joanns to buy fabric for a maxi skirt as she is hot about them. She looked through all the fabric, chose 5 bolts and then winnowed down to one (pink with butterflies and glitter). I think my genes may be passed on. We sat together and sewed the seams and put elastic in and she wore it home. Got to get them while they are young.

  2. I don't quilt but I'd rather rip out my poor work in sewing clothing and redo it than have to look at it for years. If I've done my work right, I will have to/get to look at it that long. That is the next learning step for the sewing sons. Get a good seam ripper and learn how to use it.
    Practice is key indeed.
    (am reading Moby Dick this summer, I see feathers and waves there)

  3. Your post brought a smile to me. I have to agree with you. And you WILL GET BETTER!!!!