Monday, May 18, 2015


When I was cutting up my 2.5 inch blocks I stashed the smaller stuff in a bag intending to send it to my friend Linda.  She likes the small stuff for crumb quilting.   I don't know how she uses them.  I don't like working with small pieces and was feeling pretty darn magnanimous as I stashed the small stuff to send off.

But then I learned about cutting squares out of those slick ads stuffed in the Sunday paper to use   as foundation for blocks.  It is paper piecing but with no design.  I cut several 6 inch paper squares and just started sewing scraps on to the paper.  I followed no pattern.  Then, I decided to try to use the long strips and start in the middle and work out.  I like that effect.

Sorry, Linda.  I might not be sending you the crumbs, after all.  I am having too much fun. 
6 inch squares
I don't know how I will put them together.  It might be possible to arrange them in blocks of four. 

You can see it too.  I need to put the white strips all together in one four block.  Might be interesting.

When I am working on a quilt, I am all about getting it done.  PRODUCTION.  I read the instructions and follow the pattern.  I time how long each step takes and focus on that, rather than the creative process.  Oh, the creative process.  It has undoubtedly been good for me to just sit at the machine and sew  with no regard to a real pattern.   I definitely have not fretted about how long it is taking.  I made these ten squares this afternoon, along with about six strips of leaders and enders for the 2.5 inch LE quilt.  The Necchi is quieter since I put some felt between it and the cabinet.  I also oiled it.  I could hear the sigh of relief with each drop of Tri-flow on her ports.  Poor thing. 

I have three quilt tops ready for Fancesca, the Nolting.  All of them will require ruler work.  I have no rulers.  I have one hand.  I guess those tops will wait.

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  1. Well, I should take that as good news. I just got home from teaching a workshop on making crumb fabric, or made fabric to my guild. So, it was like you were there. More people came than I thought would. I made 21 handouts and needed more. I brought my scraps and now they are looking poorly. I am sure they will multiply overnite. It is very addicting and relaxing too. I told the crowd that you don't have to think making the fabric. You will have to think to assemble and create the quilt, but not in making the fabric. You can devote just 10 min. if that is all you have. I hope you used a small stitch so it holds together real nice after trimming. PROUD of you!!!
    And my unnamed Nolting and I finished a lap quilt today. The machine works great, great stitches, tension, just super. However, I stink. I cannot make it make the shapes and designs I want. Everything drifts on me. Very discouraged. I have loads of tops just waiting.