Monday, May 11, 2015

Life is good

I had wrist surgery on Friday.  My right hand is wrapped in a bulky, cumbersome dressing.  I have no pain, which is a mixed blessing.  I don't need drugs but I risk over using my right hand.  No lifting or weight bearing allowed.  I can, however, pin pieces together and run a sewing machine.  

Including the Nolting because it is glides effortlessly over the frame and carriage.

 Joyce and Ron arrived today to set up the new machine.  It has a stitch regulator and speed control.  I prefer to run it in non regulated mode.  I need the practice in SR mode and I am forcing myself to stay away at least until I have the dressing off my wrist next week.   But I couldn't resist a little run at it today.  I have seen some quilters guide the machine one handed.  I wonder......

I am happy.  Nolting customer service is outstanding.  Joyce and Ron ( hung in there with me through all the drama of the dropped machine and came out today on their own dollar to set up the new machine.   Remember the clamp from the previous post?  It actually is designed to hold the ruler base in place.  We had a good laugh about that. 

I have two quilt tops ready to go.  I also have volunteered to stipple quilt some charity quilts for a local quilt guild.  Of course, not until I have two functioning hands.

I had started this arrow head quilt  a couple of weeks ago. (go here for the pattern) I used only fabric I had on hand.  Unfortunately I had only enough fabric for four blocks of one color but enough for five of two others and six of a fourth. I came up with my design and added the setting squares and the sashing.   I am spatially challenged.  The design wall helped.  I had almost all of the strips pieced by Friday morning but had to leave before I could finish.  Sunday I put them all together and put it on the bed.

Turns out it will be a queen size quilt

I prefer the design on point.  The white sashing minimizes the blue dominance.  I have borders yet to add.  Steven cut the first ones for me.  What a guy.  I do, however, have to square the quilt first and that will require two good hands.  So this is tucked away for a month or so. 

I have two other quilt tops ready for the frame.  My goal is to quilt 100 quilts.  Some how will that justify the expense?


  1. So glad you are feeling well!!
    100 quilts? Maybe- but you'd have to enjoy all of them ;)
    Colored thread will tie that whole thing together in no time (that might be a quilting pun). I had to laugh; I used that pink and purple floral in the third photo to make wine bags from about a dozen years ago

    1. I may have had that fabric that long. Good to use it up

  2. Clamp? I'd love to see a photo of how it clamps. My first two ruler bases just fell apart, so I'm on my third and it arrived with a clamp I haven't figured out yet. I'm hoping your right hand will allow you to take a photo. I also hope your right hand heals quickly. It is so nice that the Nolting machines float across the frame so nicely.

  3. The machine looks briliant, stitches are so neat. Love the quilt. Take care of that hand, give it time to heal properly. Sharon x

  4. Your Arrowhead quilt looks wonderful! You did a really good job on that. Happy for you that your longarm is up and working nicely. It really does take the quilting to a whole 'nother level. I do a lot of one hand quilting. Not saying I do it wonderfully well, but I do it. ;)