Thursday, May 28, 2015

Instead of sewing...

Steven and I drove to Cambridge. MA yesterday. (not that Steven would have been sewing, but you get the idea).  At the Eleventh Hour, my son announced that he would walk at the Three Hundred and Seventy Fifth Commencement Exercises at a preeminent university in That Fair City. 

Somewhere in this sea of Crimson, sits my progeny.
The picture sucks because it is a photograph taken inside a dark hall of the live stream on a huge screen. (Could I get one more preposition into that sentence?)  Who cares?  He is out there somewhere and I knew it.  Now you do too.

It seems that there is meaning to the "Hood" that graduates where.  PhD candidates wear four feet long hoods.  Master's wear three footers and Baccalaureates wear two footers. 

Borrowed, or not, the robes are impressive.  Probably, if he had planned better, his robe would have been longer.  But check out that hood.  (He is conferring with the name checker, here.) 
His name made the list and I took a lousy, out of focus shot, of my son walking across the stage at Sanders Hall, Harvard University, to receive his PhD in American Religious History.



  1. Congratulations to your son and also to you and your hubby, without which your son probably wouldn't have made so far.
    As parents we get to pat ourselves on the backs (at least a little bit) for pointing them in the right direction at least.
    Well done!

  2. When my daughter finished her Phd in Chemistry, August 2013 at the U or R, she never got to walk the stage later. I thought it would have been a fitting end to her saga and toil. Congratulations to your son, your journey, and sharing with us!

  3. My eldest is about to start his college era this August, and I hope I am as lucky as you at some point in the future. Good work, parents!

  4. Congrats to your son on his graduation.

  5. I am a librarian at a university and we have the privilege of sitting on stage during the commencement ceremonies and I continue to get a thrill and be proud even though they are not my children. Note the PhD. candidates have three bands, or stripes, on their sleeves to denote their high rank. They usually have the softer hat instead of the mortar board, another indication of rank. Congratulations!