Sunday, March 1, 2015


  Tonight  the forecast is for three more inches of snow.  Enough, already.  The dogs haven't been out of the yard, heck, they haven't been off the walk, in weeks.  The snow is so deep.  They sink right up to their chests when I try to walk them.  I can stay supported on the snow shoes, but they sink right in.  Plus, it has been so bitter cold, they don't even WANT to leave the yard.  I try, really I do.  They just stop, in their tracks, and won't move. 

 "How much are we supposed to get?"  DH asks. 

"About three inches.  It will taper off after midnight." I read from the NOAA site.

 Yesterday we finally had twenty four hours in which the temperature stayed above ZERO F.  I washed my car   before I drove up to New Hartford to  Sew Wilde for a mini long arm quilting seminar given by Joyce Blowers .  I think the car stayed clean for about thirty miles.  It was only 18 degrees when I washed it.  I violated the 20 degree rule but I couldn't stand the mud and crap on the car ANOTHER MINUTE.  I managed to get some back spray on my boots when I tried, in vain, to clean out the wheel wells.  That ice was SOLID.

I enjoyed the seminar and it was great to see Joyce and Ron.  They will come by on Tuesday to replace the motor in the Nolting.  I will miss them.  I must work.  Steven, lucky guy, will be here.

Because we had "milder temperatures"  I was able to warm up both the guest apartment and the sewing loft today.  I spent much of the afternoon rearranging the sewing loft.  It is now ready for J. when he comes to look at installing a baseboard heater.  Steven volunteered that he might call him this week.  You know I got inspired when I heard that.

I had thought that I would ditch the junky barrister's bookcase (REMEMBER THE PFAFF)  but thought better of it.  Instead I reorganized the thread. 
I got a little bit of a buzz thinking I might finally get organized.  There is so much to do.  But I am getting closer.  I know that moving the Nolting to the sewing loft makes sense.  It took until 4 PM to get the guest apartment to 60.  The loft heated up to that in two hours. 

Now to get rid of more stuff.  I have a problem.  Honestly, why am I hanging onto a 50+  year old Singer 401 cardboard box?  You know, the one that Mom brought her machine home in when she bought it.  I just think, well, hell, she hung on to it that long, seems a shame to ditch it now. 


  1. Put that box on ebay. Does it say Singer 401? It's original. Someone will want it!

  2. In case it helps: Back in the day, it made sense to keep the original packaging for everything because repairs meant sending the machine back to the manufacturer, and they often insisted on original packaging. That is no longer the case (I stopped doing that with electronics when the manufacturer threw away the carefully preserved packaging and used a repurposed box for the return.) A collector might value the box, but I doubt that it would be a selling point. Some things have their only instructions printed on the outside of the box (leading to some peculiar photocopying situations and to cut-up boxes), but that's also not likely to be true of the 401. The old box isn't even much good for shiipping since it probably wouldn't hold enough cushioning.

  3. I want you to know that I have had that Eric Clapton song in my head all day since reading your blog this morning. Thanks. The ceiling is leaking here from ice through my light fixtures now that is in the 20s. I have lived here 20 years and it never happened.