Friday, March 20, 2015


It didn't even get above freezing today.  It snowed another inch or so.   I could take the snow fall if we had had some 50 degree weather in here.  Heck, I'd take 40!

It has been a long and brutal winter.


  1. A desperate lady down the road from me hauled her beach chair onto a snow drift, put on her swim suit, and perused a travel magazine just because the sun came out for a few minutes.
    I, however, have my inter-changeable machines in one treadle and have done a heck of a lot of sewing. Wearing a sweater.

  2. I am sorry. It's been above temperatures in the NW all 'winter' long, a lot of snow related businesses are failing, most of the Washington ski areas did not open at all (one just opened for a day, they got 8" of snow). I am trying to pack the warm winter into a box for exchange with you, but am unsure how much bubble wrap warm air requires.

    We're gonna need a bigger box.

  3. Daffodils and Bradford pears are in bloom in NC. Spring will reach you eventually! Our daffs usually start blooming in January, so that's how much o a delay we got this year.

  4. We were at 73 degrees last Monday. Today, we got at least 4" of snow. I want my Spring back! Hope your Spring shows up soon, too.