Friday, April 25, 2014

Poor Duane

For some reason it took  F O R E V E R today to set up the GMQ (Grace Machine Quilter) frame.  I was up and out in the sewing loft by 0900. OK it took a bit of time to light the fire.  True I had to find some fabric for the practice piece, as well as some batting and backing.  Of course  I had to clear off the cutting table. Then I had to  find an old sheet, iron it, cut some four inch strips, sew them together, sew on the zippers and then ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WAS 1130 !!!! 


IS TIME GOING FASTER?  I am no physicist but I wonder....

I had to get to the Quilt Zoo.  I was meeting someone there and I was late.  On Fridays the Zoo hosts an open sew.  Folks come with their projects and we all sew together.  Technically the Open Sew is from 11:00 to 1:00.  But I know that if you show up anytime you can hang out there. CUSTOMER IS KING.  My intent was to arrive right at 12:00.  There was no way I was going to make it.  So, I pulled up my socks, threw on a skirt and a vest, locked the dogs up in their room (Wrigley has been a VBD (Very Bad Dog). This is different from being NAGD (Not A Good Dog) and I took off.

 When I arrived, there was no room anywhere to park. (I took this photo just before I left at 2:30. Everyone else was gone)     Parking, as you can see, is tight. Three vehicles take up all of the space in front.   I am not allowed to mention where most of the folks were parked.  I parked the next street over and cut across the neighbor's lawn. 

There must have been ten or more people in the class room.   What fun!  I pulled out my Featherweight.  I don't usually name machines anymore.  This one, though, Betsy and I named Duane.  It is sort of named after the person from whom we bought it.
Duane wasn't his real name, but we called him that and, hence, we call the machine Duane. 

I wanted to piece the backing for the Disappearing Nine Patch.  I had made a big nine patch block and cut it into four smaller blocks for the back.  All I had to do was sew them up.  I wound a bobbin and threaded Duane.  I started my first seam. No power to the motor.  Now that was ODD.  I had just wound a bobbin; the light was working fine.  What was up?  Must be the foot controller. 

I fetched my tools from the car and took the controller apart.  Perfect condition.  M. suggested that I use her controller (she brought a FW with her for me to service) . Brilliant idea !  The machine worked !  I was stitching happily along.  Then, at the start of another seam, nothing.  No power again.  I gave the handwheel a push and it the motor kicked back in.  

Must be the belt is too loose.   I tightened the belt and it seemed fine for the rest of that sewing session.

 Sadly,  when I was using it later to sew the zip leaders (don't ask), same thing.  No power, no nothing, no hum, no noise.  Every time I would give it a push with the hand wheel, though, it would be fine and it would start right up again. 

I am thinking  Duane has a dead spot in his motor.  Poor Duane.


  1. Is it possible to fix a motor with a dead spot? Yikes those replacement motors are expensive!

    1. I don't think so. I think the windings have a fault in them. Probably cost more to have a motor re-wound that to buy a new one. Sigh

  2. Pushing the hand wheel isn't too bad, sometimes speed isn't a good thing... (speaking from experience!!)