Monday, April 21, 2014


I had an email today from a reader.  Appears that there is some difficulty positioning the stop washer on the Kenmore 158.1040.  Despite numerous trials and errors, still no success.

I recently sewed with my lovely little Keatherweight.  I know that my stop washer is installed correctly.  In the interest of stop washer problems everywhere I post these photos.

Loosen the set screw.  On Singers this doesn't have to come all the way out.  This one did. 
Turn the outer part of the hand wheel to remove it. 
Stop washer position.  The tabs are positioned OUT.  Thus, when the little set screw is tightened down and one turns the outside of the hand wheel to release the clutch and allow for bobbin winding, it will catch on a tab.  If improperly positioned, it won't turn far enough to allow the free spinning of the motor and will still run the machine. There are two choices.  If one doesn't work, turn the stop washer 180 degrees the opposite way and it should work.   I have found that if the shaft is dirty and if the center of the hand wheel is dirty and gunked with old oil, no matter the position, it will still turn.  So clean it up good.  Hope this helps, Kevin.


  1. Sewed with mine tonight at the quilt guild meeting. Everything working hunky dory on it. I originally had trouble with getting the handwheel to loosen to clean inside. It seems that that piece is plastic.

  2. Thank you for your "ban fracking" messaging with your excellent photos. New Yorkers need to preserve their MOST valuable resource - our bountiful, clean water than already quenches the thirst of multiple millions of Americans, in many more states than just NY.

  3. Hello Elizabeth, Right now YOU ARE MY HERO! Problem solved!! My stop washer was reversed -- with the two prongs turned in toward the machine. I just flipped it over and Voila!! It works! It works! I can now wind the bobbin properly. I suspect something went awry when I had my machine serviced over a year ago and the mechanic must have put the stop washer back in incorrectly. Thank You for this post!

  4. I am missing the little screw, but my machine still kind of works. When I'm actually sewing, sometimes is doesn't engage fully.. it kind of slips. But if it give the wheel a little nudge clockwise it'll engage and start sewing nicely. What position should the little screw be in when sewing? When winding bobbin?

    Where can I buy just the set screw for a 158.1040? Thanks for your help!


    1. You may be able to find one on Sears Parts Direct. You may also be able to find one from a parts dealer. Check out Sew Classic.