Monday, October 7, 2013


 We are at an impasse at MSMO.  I imposed a new rule.  A very Good Rule; All Dogs must Pee OUTSIDE before bed.

The dogs don't like it.  Though Steven approved and The Vet agrees;  it is a very good rule.  It is good for the household and good for the dogs.  But the dogs don't like it.

So the dogs have decided (Well, Frannie decided, and since Wilson and Wrigley are afraid of her, they went along) that it is NOT a good rule.  So she has said that she will NOT obey the new rule and demands that we repeal the rule.  If we do not then she will WITH HOLD ALL LOVE AND AFFECTION.  And what's more, she will be sure that W and W do the same.  Hence, holding the HUMANS (the ones with the larger brains) HOSTAGE.

I am holding firm.  I will not be held hostage in my own home just because I want a pee free home.  It is a smart rule and it is a good rule.

I told Frannie that she is NOT a TEAPUBLICAN. She is a CANINE and smarter than that.  She capitulated.

Now all dogs go out at night to pee.

SEE how easy that was?


  1. Hilarious! I'll vote for you! Or even Frannie, who IS smarter than all of them up there doing their best to ruin our country.

  2. Ha! ;-D

    Clearly, dogs are smarter...

  3. We have cats here. The rule is: All cats must be IN the litter box to pee.
    S.P. (not naming the guilty one here) climbs in the box, sits her butt on the edge and pees OUTSIDE the box.
    Me: WTH???
    S.P.: You said I had to BE in the box, not that I had to PEE in the box.
    She got me on a technicality.


  4. lol - poor W & W, and Cari - that is just like a cat, get the humans on a technicality!!

  5. Please forward to Boehner, ASAP