Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It was a good day today.  I re-homed two machines.  A lovely Japanese zig zag in a treadle stand. Complete with a manual I found on line.
And a Singer 128 as a hand crank.  (OK in this photo it isn't a hand crank.  But it is now.)

The motor doesn't work.  But that might be because we (L. and I ) didn't know how to work it.  But we did know how to work the hand crank.  Woot !  Woot! 

I am feeling lighter.  So far this makes four machines that have been re-homed in the past two weeks.  This is significant.  It means that I don't have to worry about appearing on that awful reality show about hoarders. 

All of the machines that I released will be used. Now isn't that a wonderful thing?

L. Came over today with her Minnesota A.  She wanted to clean it up.  We set to work and used the wonderful ultrasonic cleaner.  Got some dirty parts, really, really, really clean. 

Then she took a look around the shop and spotted an interesting case. 

"What's in there?"

I opened it up and there was a lovely New Home VS.  We tried to fit it with a hand crank but it wouldn't work. 

"Oh, so you want a hand crank?  I have just the machine."

And out came the 128.  It came to me as a gift.  It has the attachments, the oil can and the knee controller.  It is adorable.  The decals are worn but that means it has been loved and used.  It will be now too. 

I tried to send the New Home along too.  No go. Well, that's ok.  I think I will just get it out and put it in the museum.

We didn't get the Minnesota A stitching.  I think we were using the wrong needle. 


  1. So glad you were able to find a loving home for those two beauties. I really like the simplicity of appearance of the Japanese zigzag. How did she sew when converted to treadle (and before)?

    1. This machine is a work horse. It will sew through canvas and it is so quiet. I love it. But I don't sew with it. Now it will be used.

  2. 4 down, 80 + to go... Assuming 20 is a reasonable number to keep. :)

    1. Well, reasonable for some is unreasonable for others. For me....time will tell. Parted out two 27s today. Just too rusty and old and common.

  3. Just spent way too much time on your blog today catching up on your machines of the past few months! I just started collecting vintage machines last year and am up to 19, which is way less than 80, I know, but I'm still flipping out because I have no where to store them! The plan was to learn how to repair and maintain the different models and then re-home all but one of each model (I'm just doing Singers for the time being to try and be reasonable). Anyway one of my eBay purchases was a relatively-in-good-shape 128, but it did not have a knee controller so when I realized it wouldn't work without I had to find one of those (for too much money). It is quietly sitting in its case while I begin working on a 99, but I think the 128 will be the next because I've never sewed with a knee controller before. If I hate it maybe I'll end up converting to a hand crank like you did!