Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cool New Tool

 Betsy bought a snap press last year so that she could make diapers.  I used it a couple of times then.    Last week when I was at her house, I used it again and decided that I just had to have one.

So I bought one.  She had done the research so I  bought one just like hers.  You can  buy the press alone or you can buy a package deal to include 500 snap sets and the matching die for the press.  I went one step further and bought some metal snaps and the matching die.  Now, between the two of us, we have a lifetime supply of snaps. 

Our goal today was to set up both presses so that we could install snaps "production style."  Instead we each made a one hour bag.

We never had the chance to set both presses up.  Betsy had to get home by three.  She had finished her bag, I was just about done with mine by then (I had strap issues).  I am sure we would have been able to finish our respective bags in less than the three hours we worked had we had two cutting stations and two ironing stations.  I finally put up a second ironing board and iron but it was too late.

After she left, I had a chance to play with my Cool New Tool.  A Kamsnap snap press.
I happily placed snaps on the OHB inside pockets
and on the tab closure on the OHB itself
I chose a psedosuede fabric which was a bit difficult to work.  The bag actually looks quite nice, though this photo doesn't do it justice.

I had so much fun pressing on snaps that I put a set on a tote bag I made last year.
Tote bag made with Amy Butler Lark Charisma Midnight laminated cotton
Talk about difficult to work fabric.  This is a laminate. The foot wouldn't travel easily.  I think a teflon foot would work, but I really hated working with this stuff.  I love the bag, even more now, with the little green snap

In order to install the snaps, you need a cap with a male connector and a cap with a female connector along with the corresponding die.
It is a nuisance to switch the dies out each time you want to change from male to female.  Hence, our idea to get in production mode.

Yesterday I made a draw string bag for my press and Steven gave me a tool box he wasn't using.  The press and snaps fit nicely.
I have plenty of room for other snap tools in the nesting compartment that fits on top.

I am storing the metal snap sets and corresponding die set in the outside compartment.  This actually can be removed from the lid.  Steven rejected this tool box because this compartment would open and spill his stuff.  He thinks it was because he was hauling it in and out of the truck.  I don't plan to move it around much.  I just needed storage for my Cool New Tool.
I love the little snaps for the wonder wallets.  I know that I will find lots of uses for them.   Who knows?  Maybe one day I will be making diapers. 


  1. What die and metal snaps did you get? I started to order one of these last year and sort of got sidetracked. Please keep telling us lots about it as you use it. I am salivating as I look at this lovely thing you have ordered.

    1. I think they are size 20. I honestly don't know. More later.

  2. Ohhh - very nice! I like the contrast of colors on your tote bag!

  3. I have a hand snap press that I bought when I was making diapers. The diaper days are behind us here but the snaps live on, I put a few on a halloween costume 2 weeks ago.

    I bought mine from a lady named Serena that started as a yahoo group and now runs the Assunta store. Size 20 is the standard diaper making size.