Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two towers and a train

This is a Brown Line Train to Kimball
 Alice snapped this photo of me just as the Brown line was pulling in to the Fullerton Stop.  We caught the Red line from Chicago and State after our walk up Michigan Avenue yesterday.  We  switched at Fullerton.  Over my right shoulder is the Trump Tower; over my left is the Sears Tower.    I love this photo because I love the Brown Line. 

I took it all the way from Western to Randolph and Wabash Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Every afternoon I would ride it from Randolph back to Western. For a country bumpkin like me, that was a big deal.  But it is so easy to ride the "EL."  An announcement is made for each stop and there is plenty of time to prepare.  As long as you are not engrossed in a book about sewing machine history. 

Still, it was good to get home today. 
I promise.  Sewing machine related posts are coming soon. 


  1. I wish I'd known you were in town. I live 45 miles out from Lake Michigan (a hop, skip and a jump on the train). Glad you had a nice visit.

  2. Enjoyed the Chicago excursion-never been there-nice photo of you and also the city.

  3. Ok. I think we need to meet someday. I grew up in Chicagoland and now live in NC...and work on old sewing machines. Of course you are more prolific with the machines than I.

    1. Hey Nanette, If you are ever in Cooperstown, NY look me up ! Any baseball fans in your family? Cooperstown is the home of baseball's Hall of Fame.