Sunday, August 11, 2013


I decided to use the 201 to wind the bobbins for the  GMQ frame 66. .  It is a bit awkward to try to get to the bobbin winder on the 66 when it is installed on the carriage.  I guess I should figure that out.  Or just wind a bunch of bobbins at once.  I do think, ultimately, that a class 15 end loader will be the best machine for the frame.  Bobbin access is important as is throat space.  But bobbin access may trump throat space.  We shall see.  More playtime later this week.

It is quite the contraption, yes?  The bobbin winder needs adjusting because it wouldn't fill the bobbin all the way.  For now, though, its fine.

I love the look of a 201.   I think, though, that I must highlight the stitch length plate.  I need to see those numbers !


  1. I hope you'll please share how you highlight the stitch length numbers. Mine are invisible (i.e., worn off) and I have to play until I think they're about right or stitch and then pull out the fabric and measure the length of the stitches.

    Thank you for sharing on this blog. I appreciate it.


  2. Finally, a use for the skirt marker. The 201 does have a great look.