Sunday, August 11, 2013

BREAKING NEWS ! New Leadership at Sewing Machine Magic.

For all the latest see:

I know. I know.  But if you don't care, don't hit the link.  But you will never know what you are missing.

I started this blog because I am vain and like to write about my adventures with machines.

The SMM blog is supposed to help support the business.  But I can't keep up with two blogs.  So I am a bit of a slacker on that front.  BUT I am not the only author of SMM blog. 

My intent was to have this blog about machine repair, and that one about sewing.  But I just write here most of the time.    And I continue to violate rules of appropriate blogging.  I post too often in one 24 hour period.  I write mostly about me and, while I do care about you, dear readers, if you all went away, I would be sad, but I would still write when I felt like it. 

I do hope to get back to writing tutorials.  I just have too much to do right now, what with getting ready for the TOGA, having root canals and making slip covers.  I have, however,  given up on housework, to save time.


  1. I've almost given up vacuuming. A side benefit is that I'm saving a lot on vacuum cleaner bags. Spending more on swiffers, though. Your slipcovers look great. I'm curious about how you're doing the closures.

    1. Zippers. I recycled from the original covers. Thank goodness they installed them with a chain stitch. I also used the old slip covers as the pattern.

    2. Fabuloso on the chain stitching and the old covers as a pattern. Makes the job seem almost easy--until the gummed-needle fiasco.

  2. Good job! Love the "Pink Slip"... you know if everyone that was given a pink slip cause
    they didn't do their job... had to actually wear a pink slip until they were working
    hard again...(that is if the boss gave them a 2nd chance) bet it would be a short course of action!

  3. Too funny the pink slip thing. Love reading about the machine adventures ,the dogs and the sewing. Love the upholstery redo. I give up lots of house cleaning chores. If something has to give they are always first. Lol! A bountiful garden and a return to canning is my current excuse. I probably should make and wear my own pink slip.

  4. Housework is highly over rated. I had to do some this past week so that I could move into my son's room as a sewing room (I didn't want my machines to get lost in all the dust bunnies). Love that pink slip. The Kenmores are cute, too.

  5. Don't change a thing! I love your blog just as it is!!! That's one very NICE looking doggie couch! Mine would be in zippered, cushioned heaven!