Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Nature of the Beast

It stitches.

OK  so the bobbin thread is a bit tight.  But still, it stitches. 

There is no tension release pin on this machine.  When the presser foot is lifted, the tension discs do NOT get loose the way they do on the machines that I know and love.  Well, the 27 has that manual doo hickey that releases the tension but all other machines have a TRP or some sort of mechanism that releases the tension discs so that the thread can pass easily from the spool.

Not this one.

I checked the 31-15, it has one.

I then looked at Paff's (yes, it has a name, more on that later) identical cousin Flower (yes, she has a name too.)

She doesn't have a TRP either.  Now what?  Thankfully I had  bought a manual from Linda at Relics 

I read it.  Probably for the first time.  No where does it mention anything about a tension disc release pin.  However, when discussing how to remove the "work", the manual advises that one make certain that the take up lever is in its highest position.  Then one is to grasp the thread between the take up lever and the next thread guide and pull about two inches of thread off of the spool.  Then one can remove the work.

Must be there never was a TRP or such.

I had complained to Steven that I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the tension. 

"Well, I got it stitching, honey"

"Yeah, did you figure out what was wrong?"

"Yes I did.  It is the nature of the beast."