Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is it a Good One?

We all know that I have TBHITW (The Best Husband In The World).  Well, I know that.  Some of you probably have TBHITW, too.  But hey it's all relative (HAH. Pun intended)

Yesterday Steven and I were planning a day trip so that we could experience some American History.  We live about three hours from Fort Ticonderoga.  Many of you may know of this place.  Steven, being the avid reader that he is, had read all about the Battle of Saratoga and wanted to go see the Fort.  He had also read a biography of Ethan Allen.  What does any of this have to do with sewing machines?

OK.  On the local Craigs List I had been watching a lovely 1948 15-91in a #42 cabinet..  It was sad, really.   A lovely machine that no one wanted .  I didn't really want it, either.  Not at the listed price.  I have two 42 cabinets and two 15-91s.  I don't NEED another.  That is always the story.  Need vs Want.

The price dropped.  I watched for a while.  I don't know how long (I AM in my 7th decade.  Memory becomes less important as time passes).  I emailed the seller a few days ago and made an offer.  It was declined, but in one of the nicest ways anyone could decline an offer. 

"Someone is coming to look at it in a few days..."

I replied  " It never hurts to ask"

Which garnered the reply "True and I may be contacting you in a few days. You never know."

Well, the counter offer came yesterday and I thought about it.  And thought about it and countered for the machine only and the bits in the drawers.  It was accepted.

Last night (here comes the part about TBHITW)  as we were discussing plans for the day trip to Ft Ticonderoga I queried:

"What do you think about driving through R. on the way back?"

"Sure, why, sewing machine?"


"Is it a good one?"

"Yes.  a 15-91."




  1. I was so distracted by the 15 quiz that I didn't notice this post till now. Yes I think you have tbhitw. But, when it comes to welcoming new "finds" into our household (world), mine is tbhitw. He has never once chided me for my hobby. He has a dozen machines in his room.

    ....Now, if I could only get him to be tbhitw about putting up shelves and benches for me... Maybe I should try to teach him to sew-he might just love it.

  2. My best husband in the world is called ... Not Steven! Lol. (It's Mark really, but I never got the hang of that!)