Sunday, December 3, 2017


My sewing space is in the basement. Right now it is a mess. 

We decided that laminate flooring will be the best and later today I am meeting Steven at Lumbers Liquidators to select the flooring.  I would love cork. I think I would love the extra dollars more. It appears that I will be subsidizing someone's jet in the near future.  F^ck that. 
Anyway, when I was here for Thanksgiving two weeks ago, I unpacked a few boxes.  One had the little drawers that fit my small stuff organizer.  You know the one, it's metal, has little plastic drawers and some people put nuts, screws, bolts in those little drawers.  I put sewing machine parts in mine.

I had taped the larger drawers in place. I removed the tape and noticed what looked like a piece of wood stove rope gasket stuck on the cabinet.  I had no idea how that got there.  I pulled it off and then screeched. 

This poor, little baby garter snake had crawled under the tape, likely looking for food. It died there. 

 This makes #5.  Three were living.  Steven reassures me that we won't have a problem in the spring and summer. He is sure that the snakes live in the bilco and the babies make their way into the basement.  The adults are too big to fit through whatever crack or crevice the babies find. Certainly we have not found a nest. Garter snakes birth their young live.  I believe he is right.  I am absolutely finished with snake surprises.  All the same, as varmints go, garter snakes are better than mice. 

There are few things I miss from the old place.  The daily walk is one.  We would trudge up the hill on a path that followed a small stream.  The water almost always flowed over the rocks.  I have never seen it completely dry. Walking along flowing water soothes me. 

This morning the pups and I took our morning walk. I had certain criteria for the new home.  Flowing water to walk beside was not one of them.  It seems that it happened accidentally, none the less.  Lucky me. 


  1. I'm with Indiana Jones. "Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?" Yikes. Let me know what flooring you decide. I need to rip up the old carpet tiles and put some new flooring under my longarm. I also need new lighting and the walls are gross dark knotty pine. Hubby just got a garage addition built and it is big and well lit and I am jealous. Somehow the dungeon needs to be made over NOW! Are you all moved? Send me your new address when you can.

    1. Lumbers Liquidator Dream Home 8mm+pad Fairfield County Hickory Laminate. 99 cents per square foot. We just picked it up. Thirty three boxes 700 plus pounds and all that work to move stuff.

  2. I got cork. I now hate cork. Because it chips. And you can't sand it. If I'm spending the money on a new basement floor, I think it's going to be linoleum. Marmoleum. It is not as fussy as laminate wood about an uneven surface. Maybe I'll just tile it myself.
    We had a pet corn snake until the point where everyone realized that snakes will never like you, at best they just tolerate you. Now the pet rats, THEY knew their names....

    1. Well, we have the laminate. I have heard of marmoleum. Steven agrees, rats are kind of cool. I like dogs.

    2. I beg to differ. I think DS's corn snake recognized him by his voice. And she responded positively. Agreed, she never knew her name.

      Elizabeth- Glad to see your post!! Hope you are feeling well.