Monday, September 25, 2017


Steven is on his way to UHAUL to fetch the truck. Tomorrow we load it up and then he and his son will head on out with all of our stuff.  I will stay here with the dogs. In a week, if all goes well, we will get some money and turn over the keys.

We have been trekking to the new place almost bi-monthly all summer. Over Labor Day we packed the antique treadles into the back of the Tacoma. I truly wanted to take them all: the Howe, the Wilcox and Gibbs, the Davis and the Mystery Singer. I was willing to leave behind the Mystery Singer. Ouch. Luckily, I didn't have to. 

That's it right there.

The Davis and the Howe and the Wilcox and Gibbs are all jammed in there. I packed up each machine and tucked them where ever we could. I jammed the containers full of fabric anywhere they would fit, too. We are packers. 

 This is the shop. It's completely empty now.  A lot of stuff went to the "Free Store" at the end of the drive way. That compressor is still with us. I am hoping I can take it along. I know it will tuck right under the Nolting frame.

 I'm absolutely not sad to be moving. I am not sad that I ditched a lot of stuff. I am suffering from the chaos of the move. This morning I could not find any underwear. I really needed clean panties. I eventually found them, buried in a suitcase. But not before panicking a little bit.

The new space is dark. It's a basement after all. There are two windows. Hanging the shop lights and painting the walls with white  dri-lock made all the difference.  All the stuff is piled in the middle of the floor to provide access to the walls.

 Once all the stuff is there and I can sort it out. Maybe ditch some more machines. We will be in the 802 area code. There seems to be a paucity of machines up there.

I have a Kenmore and a Singer 66 left. I have to deal with them over the next few days. Or maybe I should just pack them up.


  1. So glad you got them to fit. I used the new LED lights in my basement and I no longer have to hear them hum and they are brighter. The price has come way down on them. Hope you sold your house and can move completely so the chaos ends. I can't even stand to pack for a trip. I did not have a free arm and I ended up buying a 70's Bernina 830 and it is very pretty. I still piece on the 301 I bought from you. Stay healthy and thanks for the update!

  2. your new sewing area looks nice and big, and most importantly since it's in the basement - dry. I'm looking forward to seeing it again when you get all arranged. Not being sad having gotten rid of a lot of stuff is great. I keep telling myself I should be doing more of that... but then suddenly it's Monday and back to work I go. Oh well, I guess the stuff isn't going anywhere before I retire and can really get into the sorting, or to carrying out some of those grand plans I got the stuff for.

    1. I like having less stuff. I like having all that space.

  3. Will you have that entire basement as your work space? It looks huge! (Copper water pipes. Joist hangers. Looks well built. What flooring is planned?)

    1. I won't have it ALL. I will have most of it, though. Right now we will be using rugs. But I have looked at cork flooring.