Thursday, December 7, 2017

Breaking Blogger Rules

I realize that more than one post a day is verboten. I am unapologetic.

We laid the plastic down this morning. I don't know why it took so long. Before we knew it, we were hungry and had no food in the house. We took a break, walked (yes walked) to the grocery store for provisions. There is some action on our street.  A row of very tall trees have met their demise. Before the trees could take down the power lines, tree guys are taking down the trees. They have been here all week. Big tall pines, and smaller ones too, are all gone We will get more afternoon sun, for sure. Our sightline to the mountains will not be improved. Our neighbors will lose the barrier between them and the street. The power lines will be saved. Oh, and our other neighbor won't lose his house if the north wind knocks the trees over.

So, after lunch we laid out the carpet.

And Steven cut the corner.
Then we had to move more stuff so that we could free up the wool rug and put down the rest of the plastic. 
Stay tuned for the update. We must schlep back to a Big Box Store in the Big City tomorrow to purchase the rest of the carpet.  Then I will start settling in.

I plan to tinker in the corner where the laminate flooring survived. (See top photo). So maybe, one day this blog will be about sewing machines again.


  1. Interesting about the tree removal scenario... because the same exact thing was going on across the street HERE this week. Tall, TALL pines now just GONE. It looks bald over there now. Going to take some getting used to when I look out my window.

  2. At least they waited until winter to cut them, and didn't do it during in nesting season. Or disease transmission season for other types of trees. I'm still not happy our power line crew trimmed our oak tree in summer. Still I bet there's some very disappointed birds wondering where their nice evergreens went for keeping warm went.

  3. I think that your work is amazing, keep it up