Sunday, January 8, 2017

Almost Free Quilt

 I long for a chance to just quilt edge to edge. That was my plan for this quilt; a simple edge to edge with a large motif that I could finish quickly. Instead, I designed a pattern with one thread color change but lots of stops and starts. I used the same color bobbin thread throughout. I also buried the threads before advancing the quilt (most of them anyway) tying off each time I would stop and start.  Yes, it was tedious and I am happy that it is finished.  I have no other quilt tops waiting in the wings.  As soon as I can sit comfortably (don't ask) at the sewing machine I will finish this one
I might be able to keep myself from playing in all that blue space.  I might.....

Wrigley tried to sleep at my feet during much of the project.
 Finished, it is larger than a Queen.  I am keeping this quilt. Every time I would tie a knot, I would think of my brief time helping in the OR.  I never became proficient at suturing and tying. Luckily my stint as a First Assist in Surgery was short lived.  Though I still chastised myself when I would drop the needle on the quilt, horrified that it might get lost.  Better on the quilt than in some woman's belly.(Which never happened BTW)

 The quilting doesn't show on much of the back. Likely after it is washed, some of the texture will appear. 
Here is the center, finished.
 This corner was a mess and I see now the difference in how I quilted the feathers.  
I ripped it out and tried again.  Maybe better, maybe not
This worked best for me.  The purple sketch lines helped a little.
The corner on the border was a bit easier.  I made a minor correction. 
This quilt is one hundred percent scraps.  The batting and thread were new, of course.  I quilted most of it in the stitch regulated mode which is a challenge for me.  I have a hard time with one fluid motion especially meeting the spine of the feather and keeping the plumes plume-like. Since I am quilting for myself the amateurish quality worries me not.  I can produce a lovely meander that is consistent and very professional, if not boring, looking.  Next quilt.  Just because. (With apologies to Linda)


  1. Apology accepted. You did a wonderful job quilting the quilt. I just love scrappy. I also have been trying to quilt in the regulated mode. I hope to do better with the upgrade. With so many wonderful, fluid designs, I just cannot warm up to the meander. It seems like a design in search of a motif. But, hey, that's just me. Meander on. Feathers are very hard.

  2. I love the pattern and their colors ^^