Sunday, December 18, 2016


This is my mother's manta.  She says this right after she complains that "Things around here grow legs and walk away.."

Mom is 97.  Her memory isn't so good.  She misplaces things, as do I.  She always just shrugs her shoulders and says "It will surface."  And usually she is right.

More than two years ago I was working on a Singer 503    Go to the link to read all about it.  Go to the bottom of the post.  I was long winded back then.

Today I was sorting through the South River NJ  parts.  It was warm in the shop, thanks to the fire in the stove and the mild outside temperature.  I am divesting, as you know, and I wanted to go through the 450 little drawers of parts before I sent them on their way.  (Ok maybe not 450 but A LOT! ) 

For some reason, when I opened the drawer housing a particular hook (I had looked at this part many times in the past two years, always dismissing it as NOT THE ONE)  I read the part number: 172080

I cross checked it with a parts list.  Yep  The hook for a Singer 500.  WTF  I mean, really WTF.

I asked Steven to double check the number.  "Is this a test?"

I must have thought that it didn't look right, all those times I looked at it.  For some reason today, I figured, what the heck.  

Wilson is gone now.  Wrigley has mellowed.  Frannie is deaf and almost blind.   At one time I thought I would help preserve these wonderful old machines.  Times change.  Right now I would rather sew.  I am facing a pretty serious health crisis (lymphoma) and I want to de-clutter my life.  But I am not really sick.  Sure, I might feel crummy during treatment, but I still want to tinker and this 503 project has re-kindled that spark of joy I get when I am in my shop with my beloved old machines.  Hoorah! 



  1. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Sure hope your treatment puts you in a damn good long remission. I don't comment often but do read your blog regularly. Keep us up on your progress with treatment.
    Bev in NS

  2. Sorry about the lymphoma. Hopefully the treatments will work well, and end soon. Glad you are enjoying a machine again.

  3. Keep sewing and sewing. Keep tinkering. I have a couple of things that need to surface. They must be caught in a rip tide. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  4. Sending you a hug, Elizabeth!


  5. best wishes to you with your health. I'm also moving to a new phase and less interested in tinkering but can't bear to just junk the old things. I've got at least half a dozen 500 and 600 series machines waiting for me.

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  7. "It's around here somewhere" is our motto. And they do, usually when I don't need them anymore. Whatever "they" are.

    I think doing the things that give you joy also give you health. I hope so. Good healing thoughts your way. Lymphoma is a (profanity redacted).