Sunday, December 11, 2016

Design Decisions

The quilt sits on the frame for days, sometimes longer, as I decide how I am going to quilt it.  This log cabin scrappy quilt is my only finished qilt top that hasn't been quilted yet.  I finished it many months ago.

I love it.

I was inspired by this quilt Log Cabin quilt by Harriet Carpanini.. I found it on pinterest.
Of course mine is nowhere as spectacular, but what the heck 
I'll get there by the bottom of the quilt.  I am not so sure what to do with the dark side of the squares. 

That will come as I sleep.  Maybe


  1. Harriet taught 2 long arm classes last May in Rochester at Jackie Lynn's. She was very good, even though she shuns floating the top. I learned a lot from her. How about lazy 8's on their sides in the dark strips? Or side ways scallops?

  2. Please explain "floating the top" for the uninitiated...
    Some sort of Greek Key that gives a contrast between organic and rigid on the light and dark??

  3. I hadn't seen a log cabin quilted like this - I like! Unless Ms Carpanini's is not finished, it doesn't look like there is any quilting in the blue parts, unless is all stitch in the ditch?

    I like yours, it has lots of personality. While striving for ruler-perfect quilting is admirable, any more, I often find ruler-perfect results kind of boring. The exception is when absolute straight evenly spaced lines are needed. Maybe that's why now I prefer scrappy quilts - I find the mix and play of different fabrics so much more interesting that quilts done in only a few fabrics.

    Even with antique & vintage quilts - it's the ones with mismatched points, the block with a slightly different fabric from all the others, the block that wasn't done right...those are the ones I want to curl up with. Don't get me wrong - the perfect show piece antiques are lovely, but I'd be afraid to use them. Perhaps that's what all the owners have thought - too nice to use!

  4. Small wonder you love it. I do not quilt myself, but even I can tell how wonderful the stitching on that quilt is. Congratulations.