Saturday, August 6, 2016

I Like It

 I finished this scrappy quilt and am quite pleased with the result.  The scrappy squares are quilted along the diagonal strips, not in the ditch, not even close.  I wasn't going for perfection.  The flowers are quite "organic."  I did use a ruler for the straight lines.  The quilt wasn't square so I couldn't use the channel lock on the frame.  Lots of starts and stops so lots of threads to bury.   

I like it.  Piecing design and quilting are mine, and mine alone. 

I started sorting and cleaning the loft and found this bag ready for construction.   I put it together.     This design tends to be a bottomless pit, though.  The zipper, while the right color, is the wrong type and doesn't work so well.  I like it, even so.  I am using it.
Not right now, though.  I am using my Fave now because I am traveling.  It is bigger and has pockets outside as well as in.  Much better for organizing.  A very dear friend made this bag for me.  I like it.

(It used to have an "E" button on the front.  Alas, it fell off. I can be hard on bags)

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