Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I ran into a friend of mine today.   She is sending intentions for a friend of hers.  Intention for healing, for tolerating the treatment, for living in comfort.  I like this idea.  It rings true for me since I don't pray.  But this could be a prayer, without the deiety involved.  Not that there is anything wrong with deieties.  I am not saying that.  Sending intention seems more powerful to me.  With that, I intend to do just that; send intentions to those in need.

There certainly are many in need now, yes?  We can send prayers, intentions, good thoughts to all who are in need.  And those of us who have plenty, should do just that.

I worked on the scrappy quilt today.  Actually I spent a fair amount of time organizing my scraps. then I had some fun with the design board at the Quilt Zoo.  Oh that I had that kind of light in my sewing loft!  Oh that I had that much wall space in my loft! 
When I step back far enough, which was impossible to do in my loft, I see the design and don't feel so dizzy. 

I am liking this.  I reckon I will tweak it so that the centers are more distinct.  Could be a fun one to quilt edge to edge. 

My intent with big block quilt, now on the frame, was to quilt it edge to edge.  Nope.  That didn't happen.  The quilting isn't showing up so well right now.  Once it is finished and washed, I think it will show.  It isn't as dense as some of my other stuff and I am learning more about avoiding stops and starts.  Using the same color of thread helps too.  I do, though, want to just start at one edge and work all the way across the quilt.  Maybe one day.


  1. I like that. I know that I live with the intention of doing the best I can each day, even if I don't have a deity to be worried about. I like sending intentions.
    Somehow, that quilt delivers that idea.

  2. Scrappy is looking very artsy! Like it, and like the idea of intentions.