Tuesday, July 5, 2016


A couple of weekends ago, Steven and I took care of the DGD for two days and two nights.  She is cuter that cute and I had more oxytocin running through my bloodstream than is legal, I am sure.  It felt illegal anyway.  I was JUST SO HAPPY.

For some reason, DGD decided that the tote bag hanging next to her stroller in the foyer was hers.  
 We took a walk Sunday morning before her parents returned.  She insisted on dragging the bag along after filling it with her bunny and her tiger, a bathtub toy and some squiggly spongy thing.  Very important cargo, no doubt. 

 She clutched it in her lap once she climbed into the stroller.  Even when she nodded off and the dang thing slipped, getting tangled in the wheels, she wouldn't let it go.  NO!  MINE!


  1. So precious! Enjoy her while she is little- they grow so fast. My 4 yr. old granddaughter is always looking through my fabric. She will yank something out and say, "Make me a bag from this!" Most times, she is right on with the size of the fabric. So I make them and she fills them with her stuff.

  2. Absolutely, positively ADORABLE!