Monday, July 4, 2016

Remember the Fourth!

My cycling partner lives a half mile down the road and up a hill.  Our DHs cycle together as well and this morning I heard Steven on the phone:

"Oh, yeah,  She's really tired from yesterday.  She won't want to do that."

I put down my book and sternly admonished him

"DO NOT speak for me."

He handed the phone over.  I would like to say meekly, but he's used to me.

S. was at the other end.  "I am going to be lazy today."  So I knew a bike ride was off.  Her back was out from an over exertion at the Boot Camp exercise class from last week.

I suggested a walk and we agreed on 1000 AM.

At 0950 I  started out for S.'s house.  We were meeting part way on the road.  I wanted to set the "calories burned" icon on my new Garmin Vivoactive HR fitness tracker.  It was a gift from VW.  They cheated us you know.  That big, international, multi billion dollar, German car maker.  Turns out the "clean diesel" was a BIG FAT LIE.  VW sent out a Good Will package.  Five hundred dollar gift card.  Like that's gonna make a difference.  I spent mine frivolously with glee.  The HR ate up a chunk of it.

Our road is pretty well traveled and we headed back up the hill past S.'s house and up and up and up the dirt road then down to a junction. Turn right back out to the pavement down another road and past my house.  Turn left and you go up some more. Back in the Naughties we would walk to dogs along this route always turning right.  At my house Frannie and I would go in.  S and and Allie would go home.

Today we turned left.  Up and Up and Up.  Near the top, S. told me that we could make a loop instead of going back.  She hates out and back: on the bike, on a walk.  So we kept going.  

In the end, it was a 6 mile walk.  So much for being lazy.  I walked an extra half mile each way.  Then I spent the afternoon on the couch with my book and the dogs.

So now S. and I have a slogan.  Remember the Fourth.  Which means almost the same thing that Remember the Pfaff means to me and Betsy.  


  1. Gorgeous photos!! Looks just so lush and green. Things around here are pretty crispy and brown.

  2. Oh, my goodness! I know a spot in East Tennessee that looks almost identical. I loved the quilting summers I spent there--and that won't ever happen again because the place has been sold. Lovely memories!

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    2. Yep. We are in the Northern Appalachians. Makes sense.