Friday, November 27, 2015

Upside Down

I did it.  I had a bit of a glitch when I realized that I hadn't advanced the quilt far enough on the frame.  I eased it forward, though, needle still in the quilt, and managed to complete the upside down feather.  I will fix that mistake when I come around with the pebbles.  If you see faint green in the center of the feather, you are seeing chalk dust.  It will come out.  I am not sure that the glob of oily lint that fell from the needle bar will.  I always clean everything before I start but that may have been caught in the last thread guide.  AKKKK.



  1. Looking good! Tide Stick it, it should work. Love seeing how this is coming together!

    1. Thanks. Tide stick helped. Not gone yet.