Saturday, August 8, 2015


At the start of summer, I asked Steven if he could put up a shelf across the wall between the two lights in my sewing loft.  The building has a gambrel roof and the interior walls slope.  He said he could.

I arrived home from North Carolina on Sunday before noon.  The trip was uneventful and I was not so road weary that I could not sew.  So..... I trekked out the the sewing loft.

I found evidence that Steven had been thinking about the shelves.  The brackets were lying on my 301cabinet and his drill and impact driver were on the cutting table.  I saw numerous holes in the wall where he had searched for the roof rafters.  Luckily he hadn't put them up yet.

Wednesday we worked together to figure out the best position.

"Oh, it's a good thing I didn't put them up yet.  I would have placed the lower then that."

I wanted the shelves up high because I need the head room.  It might be a bit high, actually, but I am not telling him that.  He made 6 brackets.  There is another wall and he agreed to make two more brackets and put up another shelf.  That one will be a tad bit lower.

All that thread was housed, along with some scraps and other sewing paraphernalia, in the  Barrister Bookcase tucked into a corner in the loft. (This photo is the only one I have of the set up.  I had moved the thread into those plastic containers since this photo was taken, you get the idea)

 My original plan was to get rid of the bookcase and put the design wall in that corner.  Instead, I created an ironing station.  There is half a chance that I can keep the floor around the ironing board clean and thus, keep from collecting all manner of dust and thread and fabric scraps on my quilts.
 You know what would be really nice?  Another shelf on that wall next to the ironing board.  One just the right size to hold the iron.  Hmmmm. 


  1. Seems like with that nice front lip you could add cup hooks and have an orderly collection of snips and rulers...and they won't bang into your forehead.

  2. I'm excited looking at the quilt top- lots and lots of space for ruler and free motion work on that!

    1. Yes. Ruler work. There are only twenty squares. I am slow with the ruler. But I think that you are right. It goes on the frame, today. I hope