Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inspiration vs Indtimidation

I am not so sure why the Nolting intimidates me. I spent much of the weekend getting it all set up with the Arrowhead quilt. 

This afternoon I finally decided to just jump in.  I have been here before.  Once I get started, I gain confidence.  It's that activation energy I have to overcome.

I thought about just developing an edge to edge design.  I think that is harder that quilting the individual spaces (in this case blocks).  My inspiration was a quilt I saw this spring  on the 1893victorianfarmhouse blog: here.  It, too, is an arrowhead quilt and I just love it.

I spent a little time just looking at the quilt once it was installed on the frame.  The more I looked at it the more I liked the idea of a meandering design (Sorry Linda) in the border.

This afternoon I set to it.

I had fun and gained confidence with the machine.  Personally, I like the look.

When I used the Bailey, I pinned side leaders to my quilt.  I hate pinning.

I tried chain stitching extra fabric to the back of the last practice quilt, but I found that quite unsatisfactory.  This time, I made the back about ten inches larger than the top. Still that wasn't enough.   I fashioned some side leaders from an old sheet and some dowel scraps.  I used the small Red Snapper pieces to fasten the leaders to the sides and it works pretty well.  Plus it was free.  I priced side leaders on line.  They aren't terribly expensive, really.  I can afford them.  BUT, I am practicing for retirement and, hence, have adopted an austerity budget.  Double thinking every purchase. (Except a new bike helmet.)

I thought that a Celtic knot quilting pattern would look nice on this quilt.  I tried drawing one, but I am not so skilled.  I have been practicing the "victorian" feather quite a bit.  I can draw it out on the white board but, when it comes to quilting, that's another story.

I have a tendency to flatten out the "fronds"
 It isn't so easy "on point."  I am no ballerina, that's for sure.

So I am at it again with this quilt paying closer attention to rounding out the "fronds" or whatever we should call it. 

I imagine the arrowhead blocks will demand ruler work.  That's ok.  I need the practice.

Practice Practice Practice.


  1. Wow, you can really see the improvement you are making with your stitches. Looking better and better all the time.

  2. I think you are doing fine. I bought the leader grip side clamps and love them, have been using them since April. I still think that there are all kinds of possibilities besides meandering. I mean, all the quilt is a pattern, so pattern quilting looks great also. Your meandering is fine. I bought leader grips in Syracuse, but made the mistake of trying out a Nolting Pro with adjustable, ergonomic handles. Oh, oh- know what that leads to. In the ADK this week, brought the featherweight and grandkids, so I can't think about Noltings.

    1. I wonder if you can just change your handles?

  3. I think you are showing marked improvement and dogged determination.
    Maybe by the time I piece my first top you will be confident enough to let me be your first client.
    Mid- late October. Self-invitation to follow. Ha.

  4. Looking very, very good. My Pennywinkle frame came with the kind of clips that come on mittens, pretty inadequate. I've been wondering what else might work so thanks for the info.

  5. Looks very good to me. The meandering was a good idea for the border.
    Bev in NS