Wednesday, January 21, 2015



I am not really sure where that expression came from.  Betsy uses it all the time when she packs up a machine for shipping. She actually uses a slightly different version. (Use your imagination)   As I was packing the featherweight on Saturday.  I kept thinking about it.

Tight is good.  You really don’t want anything shifting around.  It is also prudent to have the packing able to take a beating.  I use foam insulation to line the box.  I used to  double box the machines but the foam insulation works the best.  It is lightweight and strong.  It protects the corners of the box and because it is light, shipping costs are less.

 Today I packed the Viking 6010 for shipping.  I intended to take photos but I became so engrossed in the process  that I  forgot all about it.  I really hate packing up machines.  Betsy doesn’t mind.  She sees it as a puzzle.  I find it irritating and annoying.  Since I want to sell more machines I need to just get over this.  On Saturday I refused to become irritated and annoyed.   I was very methodical;  just kept plugging away.  I didn’t enjoy the process but I hated it less.  Today I was much more efficient and managed to shave 30 minutes off my packing time.    On Saturday I spent two hours packing the FW.  Today I was finished in 90 minutes and that included wrapping the box with brown paper.  I used a Thin Prep Pap smear box from work.  It was clearly marked “Flammable Liquid” so I thought I should just wrap the whole thing up.   I like that box.  Perfect size and heavy weight cardboard.  Time to call materials management and ask that they save the boxes for me. 

Two machines are off to their new homes now.  The quilt frame is scheduled for delivery in ten days.  I guess I should take a look at the inventory and see what machine is next for market.  I am thinking about the black 301. Or....maybe not.  
Maybe the LBOW

needs a foot


  1. Oh, the black is just so much... more elegant.
    Regrettably, being a jerk is subjective.
    I had always heard "Tighter than a Frog's A**, and that's waterproof." Wonder if there are regional variants.

    1. I should have read your blog first. I just asked you about packaging and shipping. As usual, you are one step ahead of me.
      I love my LBOWs. Would not part with them. Bought one from you.

  2. Keep the Black Beauty. Agree with Dre - SO MUCH MORE elegant. Keep practicing your packing. I've got it down to less than 1/2 hour. Broccoli boxes from your local grocery are super strong and just the right size.

    I've heard "tighter than a rat's a**." Funny, I've known Betsy since she was born and I've not heard about that aspect of whale anatomy before today.

  3. my only tip would be taking the spool pin thingy off and wrapping it separately

    1. Susan,
      I contemplated removing the spool pin and the gear cover to which it is attached. Instead I secured it with the dense plastic foam as you can see in the 6th picture.