Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bye Bye Bailey

It didn’t take long.  I posted an ad on Craig’s List, on the Bailey FB page, and on here.  I had an immediate response on the FB page and negotiated a deal within hours. That fell through, mercifully, for I had offered to ship the machine.  I had had other interest and yesterday completed a deal.  The Bailey now has a new home.

I am relieved that I didn’t have to ship the machine.  I had all of the originally packing and was confident that the machine would be safe.  Mr. Bailey had  bolted the machine to two pieces of composite strand board and packed custom cut, rigid insulation pieces around it for shipping.  MA and I decided that the Bailey would be perfectly safe if we just packed it in the box without using the bolts.  So we did.  In the upstairs guest apartment. 

Then we looked at each other and we looked at the 60 pound bulky box and said “How are we going to get it downstairs?”   Too bulky for two people to manage and too heavy for one.  So we unpacked it and carried the packing and machine separately to the shop and repacked it up.

(Steven advised, when I told him this story later, “That’s what the appliance dolly is for”  I told him that it took less time for us to unpack it and carry it down the stairs and repack it  than it would have for me to hunt for the dolly, haul it up and then haul it back down. Smarty pants)

Taking the frame apart was another story.  I knew that MA wanted to take the whole system with her.  Of Course!  But we weren’t sure if it would fit in her vehicle .  She took the take up rail out to her car and when she didn’t come back with it, I knew we were packing the whole thing up.

 We were racing against the weather, as the snow had changed to sleet and freezing rain.  “Wintry Mix” the forecasters call it.  I call it miserable.  MA wasn’t fazed.  She kept working.  I was fretting, creating chaos and worried about her trip home.

“I will drive slowly,  I know how to drive in this weather.” 

“Yes, but, it is the moronic, other drivers who don’t”

Happy ending.  MA made it home, I learned via email. I went to bed and slept well for the first time since I put a deposit down on the Nolting. (I ordered a commercial Nolting frame so it won't like exactly like this).


  1. Wow! What a story! I am glad you got the Nolting. Maybe something else used will come up for me, otherwise, it is off to Zanesville.

  2. I just ordered a Nolting frame too! I have a Nolting Fun Quilter. I can't wait till it gets here.

  3. I have had a Nolting Pro 24 for four years and have been very happy with it. Great product and (relatively speaking) much more affordable to comparable longarms.