Thursday, September 18, 2014

Practicing on the Bailey Home Quilter and GMQ Pro frame

Since I had no quilt on the frame I took this opportunity to change to a metal track.  The plastic tracks were wearing at one end.  I thought that was odd.  I had read about using 1/4 inch metal rod instead of the plastic track.  I need 104 inches.  I could only find it in 6 foot lengths locally.  I bought four and Steven cut them for me on Sunday.  I also replaced the track on the carriage.

Either the rods are warped or the frame is warped, or both.  On one side, the rod would come out of the track as I passed the carriage over the joint.  I fiddled around with it on Sunday and thought I had it fixed.  It seemed to be ok when I was practicing and I made this short video. I had to hold the camera with one hand.  Believe me, I prefer to use two hands and I can see that I get better results.

 I monkeyed with it some and hope that I have fixed the problem.  I am on the hunt for two, long, 1/4 inch, metal rods so that I can avoid piecing them. 

Update.  Steven held the camera and I quilted. 


  1. Any reason you use the round hole foot instead of the C shaped one? I have been using the C one.

    1. When I was quilting something that had a pieced back, this one worked the best. I haven't changed the foot but will try the C shaped one. Why not?