Monday, September 8, 2014


Sundays are delicious days.  I have no obligations and I revel in the pleasure of no deadlines.  I was up early (thank you Frannie, the canine alarm clock with no snooze button.)  It was warm enough for me to enjoy breakfast on the front porch.  The mist was hovering over Elk Creek.  It looked a bit ethereal; almost ghost like.  The photo doesn't do it justice.
 I was out in the apartment soon after breakfast.  The dogs joined me there, sometime later.  Wilson always manages to find me there.  Frannie is less clever but she was with Wilson.  Wrigley was clueless.  I could hear him barking away on the front porch, begging to be let in the house.   I sent Wilson after him.  "Go get your brother."  

I am lucky to have all the space I have. The guest apartment is the perfect space for the quilt frame and the Bailey.  The sewing loft is cozy and sweet for sewing.  The shop is perfect for the machines.   I do wish, though, that all my stuff could be in one place.  That would require another, rather large, building.  Or I could just downsize and dispose of 70 percent of my stuff.  Nah.  I think I will just make do.

The scrappy quilt is 60 percent quilted.  It is not a large quilt so it goes fast.  I am using some pre-wound bobbins too.  That saves time.  The pre-wounds are L bobbins which are the same diameter but not as thick as the class 15 bobbins.  I do have to reload more often than I would were I using the proper bobbin size.  Since I don't have to wind the bobbins, I probably am making up for that lost time.  Color choices are limited with pre-wounds.  The white blends in quite nicely even so.

 I could have finished the quilt on Sunday.  I am saving all that fun for later this week. 

Instead I plugged in the Necchi BU  "Let's just see how this sounds" Nothing. I had the power cord plugged into the machine incorrectly. I  turned it around and things worked but  the  light dimmed when I pressed the controller.   If didn't  work at all when  I reversed the plug in the socket.  Interesting.  I tried out my "working just fine" power cord and foot controller from Stinky(Necchi BF) and discovered that the machine and light run just fine.    Interesting. The BF power cord does not come apart.  The BU power cord does.  I think someone wired it backwards.  I can't figure out how to wire it frontwards.  I ordered a new one.  Easier that way. 

I also worked on the cabinet.  I managed to free up the stuck, bottom drawer.  So now, when Steven comes home we can move it out of his shop.  I would love to have it in the sewing loft.   Oh dear God, how will I figure that out?


  1. Love, love, love the mists rising from the creek, just one of the many things that makes this area so special. Quilting is getting better and better. Lessons?

  2. What a lovely tranquil morning! I am having my morning coffee and joining you there. Brings back memories of another place and time. Thank you so much for sharing.