Monday, November 21, 2016

The only Constant is Change

I finished a quilt today.  While I can't admit that I had a deadline, I was determined to finish this as soon as I could.  Change comes, life alters, energy shifts and I needed a goal.  So.

The front is quite lovely but the registration marks still show and detract from the quilting.  You saw a sample of it in the  previous post.  So far I have forty hours of quilting in this project.  That might count the frogging (rip it rip it) required to fix some minor errors and one major tension issue when the top thread wasn't threaded correctly.  Boy were those four rows of piano keys E A S Y to rip out.

I think my favorite part of machine quilting is when I tear those red snappers off the frame and flip the quilt to the back.  It is just SO COOL to see how it came out.

I want to let you all know that tinkering with machines is no longer an obsession.  I am divesting now.  The  South River NJ haul will go to a new home sometime this winter.  Likely some parts machines too.

It's been a ride.  I have had more fun than I could have imagined.  Betsy came over this weekend and we prepped a machine for a friend of mine.  We laughed and laughed as we remembered: The Pfaff, RUN, that piece of crap barrister book case and that fateful trip to Albany to fetch that unbelievably cheap 221.

I love old machines.  I was a happy camper in my shop.  Life has a way of offering gifts and right now life has offered me an opportunity to go, as Pema Chodron says, to  The Places that Scare You
Maybe this lifelong resistance to enlightenment has come to roost.  Who knows?   I never really cherished enlightenment.  I just hoped for some joy and fun.  That I have had tinkering with machines and now, that era is over.  The machines and all the attendant paraphernalia must go.

I likely will still blog away.  I might even blog about my remaining machines.  Hey, I love my 201-1, my 15-90, that wonderful Necchi BF and Super Nova.  I can't let go of the lovely Brother Zig Zag either.  I might be able to sacrifice the 237.  It isn't as quiet as the Brother and now that I have the lovely treadle work area that fits the Brother, well.....


  1. Sorry to hear that what gave you (and us) so much pleasure, no longer does. I might be interested in some of the machines you want to unload. Do you have a list?

    The designs on your quilt back look so good. Hope you keep on starting more projects that make you happy.

  2. I came to your blog looking for more information on my Kenmore 158.1040 and I stayed for your writing and the contents of your mind. And while i'm not a quilter, I'll stay for more of what's inside your brain and your heart. And that thing about fear and action is all correct. Our things are not what define us.
    Keep working for the good stuff. Stay warm this winter.

  3. The quilt is beautiful. May you continue in beauty.

  4. Your quilt is lovely, you are certainly getting the hang if it, well done. Hope your next venture gives you joy. Good luck and take care. Sharon x

  5. I loved hearing about the machines you fix!!! I do, however, understand that interests change. For awhile, all I could think about was what machine I wanted next....and now, I am strangely fine with the seven I have. (I do realize that is not a large number.) Ha!!! I look forward to you continuing to blog about your quilts and dogs, and whatever else suits your fancy.

    1. Hey! I was in Nebraska in October. Had a great time in Lincoln. All those trees!

    2. I am only 40 minutes south of Lincoln!! My MIL and I were just there shopping yesterday. Glad you had fun. Have you been to the Haymarket yet? That would be fun if you come back. Or, if you are there for Granddaughter, take her to the Children's museum. I heard that is fun. My kids always take my husband on that field trip, so I don't have first hand experience with that though. =) Small World!