Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Little More Light

I have plenty of light in the quilting "studio".  It just isn't quite in the right place. I have an awful time seeing when I am using matching thread or white on white.  Halfway through this quilt I switched to a different dark thread.  It blends nicely and I can see it more easily. 

Still I struggled.  I showed Steven this  link to the You Tube video by Jamie Wallen demonstrating how to make a side light.   So out to the shop he went to cut and sand the piece of wood.  I spray painted it and the next day I installed the 14 inch under-counter light .

It works great.

When I can pry the light off the "extremely strong double stick mounting tape" I will shift its position; not quite on the edge to cut back on the glare. 


  1. I bought a strip of LED lights and attached them to the underside of the machine arm. They are battery operated. They do help as I am in the basement. Did you know about Jamie Wallen's horrible predicament of stolen quilts and merchandise?

    1. Oh yes. His whole van was stolen when he was at the International Quilt Show in Houston. I think that GoFundMe raised quite a bit to help him. Wonderful man.

  2. I like this idea! Our QOV coordinator has her long arm in a nearly windowless basement. Her setup is a ceiling mounted wood rack with lights along the bottom side, and openings above to hold tools and supplies. Sort of like a desk hutch, only waaayyy longer and hung from the ceiling. If I had a long arm machine in the basement, I think I'd go with something like hers. Once I decided where the machine should be, that is. If I had a lovely bright open room like yours, I don't know that I'd want something that big hanging over the machine. OTOH, light from the side rather than top would make it easier to see the quilting, wouldn't it?