Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Don't sweat the small stuff

I'm not sure that it is all small stuff.  Some of my stuff is big.  Some, not so big  But there is one certainty, I have a lot of stuff.  All this stuff creates chaos and the shop was ground zero.   Betsy came over on Sunday and we cleaned it up.  It really didn't take so long.   I should have done this ages ago; I just couldn't.  All that stuff. It paralyzed me. 

I had some interest in the Vibrating Shuttle I have posted on Craigs list.   No bites. I love this treadle stand but I prefer the action of my other irons.  I need more working area,  too.  Maybe I will pop a different machine into this stand to see if that garners more interest. 

 I need to address this chaos so it's time to move some machines out.    I had a 15-91 with no foot controller  because it came in a cabinet hard wired for a knee controller.  The wires are in pretty good shape and I am not going to re-wire its motor.  OK OK  maybe I should it is 82 years old.  I will at least service the motor.  Maybe.  OK  change the brushes and put n new wicks and grease.  Oh, yeah, that's servicing the motor. 
It's in remarkable shape.  Today I cleaned it and oiled it.  I even took apart the tension assembly.  Betsy found a foot controller in my chaos when she was cleaning.  So this one could be ready for a new home.  Once I service the motor; or not. 

I also found a 201-2 tucked away.  It's had the whole re-furb.  New motor wires, new foot controller wires, cleaned oiled.  I am sure the motor has new wicks and grease.  It's not as old; AK serial number so it's after the Singer Centennial.  Nice machine, though.  Decals in great shape.

It felt good to be out in the shop again.  There simply isn't enough time to do it all.  At least I am never bored.



  1. I am glad you worked on the machines! I am sorry they are overwhelming. The machines look terrific. I love sewing on mine.