Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pushing Through. Soldiering On. Toughing it out.

I have been a nurse for forty years.  Save for the ten months I stayed home with my young child and the three years I was completing my FNP degree I worked full time.  I toughed it out when I was sick.  I remember puking on the way to work one morning because I could not call out sick because there was no one else to take my shift at the hospital.  Many days I would just push through the exhaustion to get the work done.

When I was a single mother there was little choice.  I had to do it all.  Work, care for my son, tend to the logistics of life in today's complex society. I know a lot of women like me with all types of careers.  We all just soldier on, because THAT IS WHAT WE DO.

I remember going to work for weeks with a cough.  No fever, feeling a bit low, but not really sick.  Hey, I would only cough when I talked, so it couldn't be that bad, right?  Well, I had pneumonia.  I took one day off and went back to work.

Yes, by now you have figured out where this is going.   I am mightily peeved that this whole media blitz over a woman with pneumonia has gotten out of hand.  DUH.  She was sick, she tried to carry on and it didn't work out.   Don't condemn her.  This happens ALL THE TIME.

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