Monday, September 5, 2016


I walk the dogs around the perimeter of our property every day.  Inevitably we pass some berry bushes and I always have to stop.  Wrigley likes them and will eat them right off the bramble.  Frannie is more discerning.  The berry must be absolutely ripe or she won't eat it.

There is one bush that dips into our path.  The berries are big and lush.  A few days as I picked one particularly delectable treat my fingers brushed a soft, quishy something.  Of course I trembled and screamed.  I am a wuss.  But not such a wuss that I did not look to see what the heck was on the bush.

There was a worm that looked just like a twig.  It has been hanging out there for about a week now.   One day when Steven graced us with his presence, I showed it off.   He looked it up in his Butterflies and Moths field guide and found it quite quickly.  It is a Large Maple Leaf Span Worm.  I think that the moth resembles a maple leaf.  

Originally it was munching on a berry.  It moved further into the bush today and I almost did not see it.

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  1. I feel like I'm looking at an "I Spy" book, and I still wouldn't have spotted it without the arrow. I read a line in a book one time, "if you ever want to hide from someone, do it right under their nose and they'll never find you;" how true!