Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Not the Real Mccoy

Somewhere in my DNA is Scottish blood, but I wouldn't claim to be a real Scottsperson.  It is too far back.  Nor am I thrifty by nature.  Even so, I hate waste.  It takes a lot of effort, but I like using up my scraps.   I have a stash of strips and love to make the scrappy strip block (see here for previous post).  

The other day, after our trip to the vet( check up and shots only), I had a few minutes to sew.  Wrigley thought it was  a fine idea, too.  This was always Wilson's spot on the couch but he never put his head over the back to check out what I was doing.   He always seemed content to just be where ever it was that I was. Wrigley is more demonstrative and independent.  He will bound across the yard when I call, but lie contentedly in the sun if he wants to be in the yard.   I miss Wilson, deeply.  Wrigley and Frannie have my heart, too.  Lucky me to have them.

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  1. At least you have just a nose leaning on your scraps. Tugger the terrible lays across the whole bed and I fear catching his wandering paw in the needle. The sewing machine looks terrific! So shiny, beautiful scroll plate, ahh! What is not to like with scraps and a shiny vintage machine. Wrigley is either in awe of the process or you!